Enter the Bijoux Bazaar

Showstopping statement jewellery rarely comes on the cheap. Mawi, Shourouk, Dannijo: they are all glorious but all so very expensive. What are us more dash than cash magpies supposed to do when faced with dazzling necklaces worth the same as next months rent?

While the high street do try their darnedest, with Zara, Accessorize and ASOS topping the charts, there is often a gem missing or a cheap metal finish to contend with. Additionally you can almost be sure that many others will have snapped up the very same style.

Personally I have always enthused about the power of a stellar statement piece. No matter how simple an outfit is, a bejewelled bib or embellished earring will duly provide a dose of contemporary elegance. A mélange of crystals is all you need to lift your staple LBD dress to newly haute heights.

Because I love you all so very much, I shall now share with you my favourite e-fashion find of the year thus far- Bijoux Bazaar. You're welcome, ladies!


The brainchild of Lucy Smith, a tremendously talented recent graduate with ambition and business acumen in abundance, Bijoux Bazaar is undoubtedly destined for greatness. The recently launched site taps into the demand for reasonably priced and uniquely beautiful statement jewellery, doing so in a suitably stylish manner.

Bijoux Bazaar's debut collection is carefully curated with styles to suit all tastes. From the darkly elegant Victoria midnight earrings through to colourful collars dripping in emerald and rose crystals, each piece is timeless while effortlessly working alongside current trends.

The e-boutique itself has an all important air of modern luxury. It is clear and stylish while still remaining easy to navigate. Above all, though, it is all affordable with prices starting at £6 for the afforementioned Victoria earrings. It is certainly going to be my first stop when pay-day comes knocking!

In terms of social media, Lucy is ahead of the curve with the Bijoux Bazaar Instagram/Facebook/Twitter accounts already thriving with customer's gorgeous Bijoux Bazaar #selfies!

With a background in fashion journalism, Lucy is keen to expand Bijoux Bazaar to include glossy editorial content, something I am sure she will do brilliantly.

Check it out here and please don't blame me if you have an overwhelming urge to spend, spend, spend!

PS sorry if this post doesn't look like my others - am working remotely from my iPad and am struggling immensely with this PhotoShop touch lark!


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