Introducing the Bike-sea Boot

There are countless reasons why I am so fond of fashion. Within the top fifty, though, is the fashion folks' penchant for inventing bonkers new words to be used in a sartorial context. I say inventing, but usually these words are simple hybrids- the been-and-gone Jegging is a prime example, as is the ultra cosy Coatigan. 

"I love your top Shona!"

"Oh, you mean my blirt?"

As of yet, nobody has penned the Chic-tionary- to be frank, ain't nobody got time for that. But if you keep your finger on the pulse in reading your dailies, weeklies and monthlies, you should be well on your way to fluency in fashion.

This season I have decided to coin my own term so as to describe my chosen boot style. Behold, readers, the mighty Bike-sea.

At the AW13 press days I fell massively for all the biker boots on display- universally chunky and subtly punky.

However, when I began browsing the stores in pursuit of an everyday style, I felt a touch intimidated by these badass bikers. I like to think my style is quite feminine and elegant. Biker boots are not. If I were a boot I'd be the safe and simple Chelsea boot, not a Doc Marten. 

Also, lest we forget, biker boots are far from flattering. They are all well and good if you are Freja Beha Erichsen, but if you have even a slight curve to your leg, you must be wary. 

The Bike-sea boot is a reassuring alternative. Cut to the ankle, the Bike-sea features a chunky, practical sole alongside classic biker detailing. It is stompy and contemporary, but still forgiving, falling just on the right side of edgy. 

My pick is the Kurt Geiger Saturn, which is currently topping my new-season shopping list. Short enough to work with dresses but substantial enough to see me through Scottish snow, these are ticking all the boxes. 

Here are the best of the rest. 

1. Carvela by Kurt Geiger SATURN Boots - £160 here

2. Jimmy Choo YOUTH Boots at Net-A-Porter - £595 here

3. River Island Gold Detail Biker Boots - £45 here

4. Zara Cut-Out Bikers - £89.99 here

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