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Casa Negra

It's cold. It's raining. Everyone on the tube is moody. All you want to do is go back to cuddle up in bed with a hot chocolate (current obsession? Options Salted Caramel - ooh mama) and a croissant for a Modern Family marathon. As Russell Bateman (aka Mr SBC) puts it: the first five days after the weekend are always the hardest. Never has a truer word been Insta'd.

Nevertheless, the autumn onset need not be a totally sombre affair, and London has plenty to lift your post-summer spirits. Covering all bases from cinema to cachaça, here are a few dates for the diary that will surely make your working week fly by.


As much as I love gin, I feel as though I need to open my mind on the spirit front. Enter cachaça, the booziest Brazilian export since tequila. Distilled from cane juice, it is the third most consumed spirit in the world, yet it still feels a little off the London radar. This week, however, sees Ultra Vie team up with Casa Negra (aka La Bodega Negra's sexy Shoreditch offshoot) and Leblon for a night of sipping, shaking and socialising based around Brazil's national spirit. At £25 for Ultra Vie members, the ticket includes a frozen margarita in the private Playroom and a trio of tasting cocktails.

Frances Ha


Running from the 17th to the 26th of October, the London Fields Free Film Festival is the first of its kind in London (find out about future runs here). Highlights include a Ryan Gosling All Dayer on Sunday 19th – which sounds like the most perfect hangover cure ever – and a screening of Frances Ha on Tuesday 21st. It's a fantastic idea for anyone low on dolla looking for an alternative to the pub. If, however, you are not quite ready to depart from said pub, then make your way to The Truscott Arms Film Club in Maida Vale. At £5 a ticket there is plenty of scope for a cheeky drink beforehand, too. See the full list of films here.

Jane & Serge


Whether or not you consider yourself arty, you will be hard-pushed to escape the creative energy surrounding Frieze London, which kicks off today. Proper grown ups will be looking to purchase their first works, but us mere mortals can enjoy the fair too. I shall be making a beeline for the (free, totally free) sculpture park, details of which you can find here. If you find the whole Frieze affair a little intimidating – one encounter with an art snob is all it takes – then get your culture kicks elsewhere with Proud Chelsea's Jane & Serge exhibition, an intimate exploration of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg's turbulent but très jolie love story.

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