Finishing Touches

Kate Moss = the dream. This = the reality. 
Trifle for breakfast, anyone?

Wrapped up in my Christmas jumper, with a box of Prestat red velvet truffles (also known as the best thing ever) by my side, I am ready and raring to do a little Boxing Day damage online.

ALL the sales are go (yup, that includes Zara, what are you still doing here?!) both in store and online, meaning I can spend, spend, spend without having to budge from my sofa.

"Muuuuum, I'll take my turkey, brie and cranberry rye toastie at one? Bring the Quality Street while you're at it. And the bubbly."

I wouldn't say I was the most sensible sale shopper, but I occasionally snap up a good bargain. As long as you steer clear of the trend pieces and stick to the right size, you can't go far wrong. 

Following my edit of the best party pieces, here are a few of my favourite finishing touches. From jewelled Boden flats through to red lippies fit for saints and sinners, these sale steals are far too good to resist... Much like that last mince pie.

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