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Everybody knows I love a good brunch.* In fact, the only people in the world who could possibly like brunch more than me are Americans – they can't get enough of the stuff and, let's be honest here, nobody does it better.

I, like every other basic bitch in the land, have a few top brunch spots in the world: Brickwood Clapham is number one, primarily due to proximity but also because their avo toast tastes much better than skinny feels; Holybelly in Paris is a close second and the latest addition to the list is Archetype in Napa.
Formerly French Blue, Archetype was established by the architect Howard Backen with a view to bring together traditional American cuisine and relaxed, elegant surroundings. Bright, airy and welcoming, the restaurant boasts a sun-drenched conservatory, lined with antique liquor bottles, and an interior dining room with comfy loungers and a splendid exposed kitchen. So far, so Instagram-able.
Image from Instagram @archetypenapa

But the main event? The food. Created by former Solbar chef Ryder Zetts, the weekend brunch menu is irresistible. Think cream cheese-frosted walnut rolls, avocado toast with Calistoga lettuces, light buttermilk waffles topped with confit duck and tea poached apricots... The list goes on. Balancing nice, light fare with a a few naughtier options, the Archetype brunch menu has something for everyone, and if I was lucky enough to take up a permanent residence at Solage (as is the dream), I would be there every other day.

As can only be expected in Wine Country, the drinks are also rather special. Alongside the impeccable wine selection, Archetype offers an array of handmade cocktails and mocktails. Worthy of note on the "Punch with Brunch" list are The Scala – a spicy/sweet concoction of jalapeno tequila, lemongrass syrup and lime; the Costa Verde –a smoky, celery-infused French 75 and the sharp, tangy Pomegranate Punch. After all, there's no brunch without punch.

Charming, chic and affordable, Archetype sets the bar high for brunching in CA.

Where's your favourite brunch spot in the world? Comment below or tweet me @SWfashion_

You can find Archetype on 1429 Main Street, St Helena and read the brunch menu here. You can book a table online at or email Please note, Archetype is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

*The truth is, because I get up so early, my so-called brunch actually comes after a pretty darn hearty breakfast so it's technically lunch but I call it brunch because it's breakfast for lunch. Just wanted to clear that up  – life's too short to combine meals. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.
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