Valentine's Gifts for Borderline Hipster Boyfriends

1. Murdock Luxury Full Service £120 here
2. Ray Ban sunglasses £115 here
3. Nikka Pure Malt Black Japanese Whisky £53 here
4. Uniform Wares watch £680 here
5. Sloane Stationery Notebook £39 here
6. Byredo Mister Marvelous Cologne £185 here
7. Fantastic Man: Men of Great Style and Substance book £29.95 here
8. Mac & Wild Auld Pal bottled cocktail £29.95 here

Buying for boys is never easy. Particularly buying for boys on Valentine's Day. They have it so easy, don't they? They just need to look on your Pinterest 'Wishlist' board and they're sorted. Boys are not so simple, particularly not super picky hipster boys. 

I've come to the conclusion, having attended a fair few blogger events in my youth (ah – the golden days), that most young, fashion girls have fittingly handsome, beared, borderline hipster boyfriends. Usually on hand to hold the camera when she needs her #ootd or whatever the kids call it these days.

While I am currently sans-boyfriend, and am rather more excited at the prospect of deep fried Mars bar pancakes at chic Scottish (words which usually don't go together) eatery Mac & Wild, I feel like I understand this thoroughly modern breed of man.

So, if you've not yet settled on something for your special someone, I've picked out a few options.

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