So, I’ll dive straight in with a product I’m currently obsessed with – Byredo Unnamed Eau de Parfum. Now, anyone who follows me on Instagram or has seen my dressing table will know just how much I adore Byredo fragrances. Created by Ben Gorham, Byredo is the innovative Swedish brand behind some of the most modern and stylish scents around.

As much as I’m a sucker for chic packaging, and nobody does it better than Byredo, the elegant monochrome bottles are just the cherry on top. There’s something so alluring about Byredo fragrances – the names are so evocative, perfectly capturing the essence of each and every unique scent.

Perhaps most iconic are Gypsy Water, an earthy, vibrant scent inspired by bohemians; Bal d’Afrique (one of my favourites), a homage to 1920s Paris and its passion for African culture; and Mojave Ghost (another favourite), inspired by the beauty of the Mojave Desert with top notes of ambrette, a heart of violet, magnolia and sandalwood and a warm base of cedarwood, Chantilly musk and amber.

Another hit is Blanche, an ode to Gorham’s wife, who doesn’t actually wear any fragrance. The scent is subtle but elegant and, ultimately, addictive, with top notes of pink pepper and white rose, a heart of peony, neroli and violet, and a base of blonde wood, musk and sandalwood. In the words of Gorham, Blanche "represents an appreciation for classic beauty.”

Isn’t dedicating a scent to someone such a romantic gesture? Unfortunately, we don’t all have access to our own fragrance house, but that’s where Unnamed comes into the equation. Finished with an immaculate blank label, the limited edition, 10th anniversary scent comes with a letter transfer sheet so you can customise the label with words close to your heart.

There is also a collage of words to inspire, one of which – Lazarus – spurred me to christen mine ‘Queen Bitch’ in honour of the late, great David Bowie. Cherry Velvet, Cosmic Blonde, Posey Daydream, Lilywhite Myth and Violet Solitude were a few contenders, but I think I’ll save those for baby names.

The scent itself is sweet and spicy, with a mysterious touch of blackberry on the nose. At first, it reminded me of Black Saffron (another favourite) with tempting top notes of pink pepper and juniper berry, a powdery violet heart and a mossy base with a touch of fir balsam. I’ve had so many compliments wearing it, something that’s almost guaranteed with any Byredo scent, which is indicative of its universal appeal.

Get yours now, before the bottles sell out, and save it for someone very special.

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